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How can I find the value of my junk cars to see if they are worth fixing up?

Fix Your Junk Cars

What if you could fix up your junk cars with junkyard car parts? Would it be worth it to invest in your car? You can search the Kelley Blue Book Web site to find what your 1987 or newer car is worth, and then decide whether it's feasible to invest in it or junk it.

Not all junk cars are ready for the scrap heap. Some may only be good for junkyard car parts, but others may only need minor repairs to get them roadworthy and drivable. If your car is collectible or rare, it may pay you to invest in junkyard car parts to fix it up, instead of sending it to junk cars heaven. Just because your car needs some work, don't assume it's just one of another set of junk cars. Investigate its worth and potential, and your junk cars may transform into reliable cars for many years to come.

What's the difference between new, used, and reconditioned junk yard parts?

New, Used, or Reconditioned Parts?

When you shop for auto parts, you may look at your local junk yard for salvage yard parts, or you may shop at an auto parts store. You'll probably encounter new, used, and reconditioned parts when you shop. Most parts from a junk yard will be used or perhaps reconditions, while most parts from an auto parts store will be new. What's the difference?

Used salvage yard parts from the junk yard may not come with a warranty or safety inspection, while new parts should have a warranty and/or guarantee. Reconditioned parts may or may not have a guarantee and they come from used or damaged parts that are repaired to be as "good as new." What type parts you choose depends on your budget, but be sure to buy the safest parts available that come with a guarantee or warranty to protect you and your car.

What safety issues should I watch out for when I pull my own junkyard auto parts?

Auto Junk Yard Safety

Many junk yards let customers pull their own junkyard auto parts. This helps keep costs down and assures the customer they are getting the part they really need. Many junkyards also organize their yards by car make and model, so if you're searching for a Chevy part, they can point you right in the direction of the Chevy junk yard area. Before you begin there are some things to remember as you head out to pull your own junkyard auto parts.

Always wear closed toe shoes for safety.

Usually junkyards won't allow anyone under the age of 18 on the lot.

Bring your own tools to pull parts.

Cars should be on stands or stable before you pull parts.

Ask for help if you can't remove a part by yourself, most junkyards offer help with tricky or dangerous removals.

Never climb on vehicles, especially if they are stacked or unstable.

Pulling your own junkyard auto parts is easy if you follow these simple safety rules! Find a junk yard that will let you pull your own parts and save big.

What's a U Pull-It junk yard?

U Pull-It Junk Yard

If you're looking to save even more money in an auto junk yard, look for a local U Pull-It junk yard. These junkyards specialize in used car parts that you pull yourself, so you save labor costs. You have to bring your own tools to pull the parts, but using a U Pull-It junk yard assures you're going to get just the part you need, and you'll know its condition before you pay.

Many U Pull-It auto junk yards specialize in specific makes and models of cars, too. For example, if you're looking for a Ford Mustang junkyard, they may carry more Mustangs than another auto junk yard, and they may have a wider variety of model years, as well. Look for specialty used car parts junkyards if you're restoring a particular car, and look for a U Pull-It auto junk yard to save money on the parts that are the most expensive and hard to find.

What is a green junk yard?

The Green Junk Yard

You think it's not easy being green and environmentally conscious? Try being a junk yard! However, the junk yard of the future can balance environmental concerns, recycling, and auto dismantling at the same time. Green junk yards already exist in many parts of Europe and Canada, and they may be coming to a town near you very soon.

Basically, a green junk yard attempts to make use of as much of the junked car as possible, while making sure as little of the environment is affected as possible. These new green junk yards use a process similar to an assembly line to dismantle cars and salvage every usable piece. These indoor demolition lines ensure that no fluids or oils leak or seep into the environment, and make the entire operation cleaner and more efficient. A green junk yard is a thing of beauty for the environment and junk yard neighbors, too!

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