Finding an Aircraft Junkyard

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Where can I find an aircraft junkyard that sells spare parts?

Finding an Aircraft Junkyard

Surprisingly, it's not hard to find an aircraft junkyard! There are several notable aircraft junkyards around the U.S., some owned privately and some open for scrap and parts business. Many aviation buffs prefer to call the aircraft junkyard an "aircraft graveyard," noting many of these used and outdated aircraft make their final resting place in these graveyards.

Most of these aircraft junkyards are located in the desert southwest, where the dry air helps preserve and protect the planes from deterioration. However, there are smaller storage facilities located all around the world and most of them deal with the public, as well as industrial buyers. For the best deals in parts and used airplanes, look for an aircraft junkyard the next time you're shopping for aircraft items.



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