New or Used?

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Is it safe to buy aircraft used parts?

New or Used?

Some aircraft owners only invest in new parts when they have to replace parts on their planes, but many owners rely on aircraft used parts because they are much cheaper than new parts. For example, one owner recounted searching for a particular switch for his Cessna. New, the part was $150, but used, it cost $75 and has lasted over 10 years in his plane which shows that aircraft used parts are safe and convenient if you know what you're looking for.

Shop on the Internet or at dealers such as Trade-a-Plane to find quality used parts. Always deal with a reputable dealer that has been in business long enough to develop a good reputation and never pay retail for any new part. Most dealers automatically give a discount on retail prices, so shop around. Also, check airplane salvage yards to see if they have the aircraft used part you need. Chances are they do, and at a fraction of the new retail price. Also, some standard parts, like electrical switches and such, are much cheaper if you buy them directly from a manufacturer or supply house, rather than an aircraft specialty part store.



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