Unique Uses for Aircraft Used Parts

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What are some unique uses for aircraft used parts?

Unique Uses for Aircraft Used Parts

It's not hard to find aircraft used parts; in fact, several aviation junkyards exist around the world that specialize in hard-to-find aircraft used parts of every size and shape. While many aircraft operators look for aircraft used parts for maintenance and refurbishment, others look at these parts outside the box.

Take, for example, the Ventura, California woman who plans to build a home out of a 747 fuselage. She plans to use the wings for the roof of her home, parts of the fuselage as outbuildings and even plans to use the ailerons to control the awning over her pool. Other companies create executive office furnishings from aircraft used parts. Using aircraft used parts in creative ways is the ultimate way to recycle and reuse scrap that might otherwise simply go to waste!



6/4/2009 7:46:28 PM
BJ said:

How would a person go about this sort of plan? I had the same idea in mind and would love to go through with it.


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