Yes Virginia, There are Boat Junkyards!

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Are there really boat junkyards in the U.S.?

Yes Virginia, There are Boat Junkyards!

Are you looking for an elusive part for your beloved boat? There are boat junkyards around the country that deal in old boat parts, or "marine salvage." Many of these boat junkyards deal in parts and accessories and will take an old boat off your hands, as well.

Some boat junkyards also have towing and refloating services if your boat is still seaworthy but needs some tender loving care. These refloating services also offer fluid and oil cleanup, so they help the environment as well. Check with your local boat junkyard to see what extra services they offer, you may be surprised at their versatility and vast array of services available.



4/21/2009 3:34:03 PM
PAT said:

i NEED A SHIFTER FOR MY 1987 BAYLINER boat. 125 HORSE FORCE MOTOR OUTBOARD. Would you have one or know anyone that is selling one.

6/21/2011 1:42:14 AM
Margie Turley said:

I need aluminum pontoons for a 20ft. pontoon boat.


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