Boats Need Parts!

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Do marine salvage companies offer boat storage, too?

Boats Need Parts!

A lot of people say owning a boat is like throwing money into a big, black hole in the ground – they always seem to need a part here and there. One way to keep your boat in top running order is to purchase boat used parts from a boat or marine salvage company.

Boat used parts are cheaper from a marine salvage company and if you happen to own an older boat, they may be the only place to find some of the replacement boat used parts you need. Some salvage companies also do boat repairs, so you can find the parts and have your boat fixed in one central location. Some marine salvage companies also offer boat storage if you need to take your boat out of the water during the winter months.



6/5/2009 3:26:55 PM said:

Tring to locate a pair of Arkansas Traveler Boat
ID Emblems for Right side and Left side toward the bow end. Also if found what the cost would be. I have a 1958 14FT Aluminum Arkansas Traveler and I live in Iowa. Hope you can help.


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