Fiberglass Refinishing and Repair

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Will my boat end up as boat used parts if I don't pay attention to the fiberglass finish?

Fiberglass Refinishing and Repair

Sometimes it's not boat used parts that will get your boat up and running again. If you own a fiberglass boat, you know that sooner or later the fiberglass is going to need refinishing or repair. Some salvage companies offer these kinds of repairs, including gel coat repair.

If the boat just has a few small dents or dings, it may not need a complete refinish, but if you can see the fiberglass mat underneath the top coat, then the boat needs a repair, and quickly. Otherwise, water can seep underneath the coating and the layers of coating can actually come apart. Don't let your boat end up as simply boat used parts, take care of the finish and your fiberglass boat will last for decades.



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