Big Truck Junkyard

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Can I really find an environmentally friendly auto junkyard?

Big Truck Junkyard

Your next trip to the auto junkyard may have you entering a new world of "salvage," "recycling" and "ecology." The modern auto junkyard isn't just a huge lot full of rusting autos, it includes special collections of classic cars, a truck junkyard and even big-rig parts and accessories, like trailers. In fact, some auto junkyards don't even deal in auto parts, they deal in junking and disposing of cars, only!

The up-to-date auto junkyard is concerned with pollution and the environment, and so they contain oil, coolant, and other fluids and must meet strict local and state guidelines for operation. In fact, many auto junkyards now offer oil collection or recycling centers as well. Look for a full service auto junkyard that is concerned about the environment as well as saving you money when you shop for auto parts, accessories and places to get rid of your old junker.



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