What's Behind That Fence?

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When is an auto junk yard <i>not</i> an auto junk yard?

What's Behind That Fence?

Does the auto junk yard intimidate you? Are you a little afraid of what you might find behind the fence at your local auto junk yard? Well, chances are the junk yard in your home town is a far cry from your father's auto junk yard! Today, many junk yards specialize in one type of car. That's right, you can outfit your dream ride from a Mustang junkyard, or at least find a lot of cars to daydream about!

Today's auto junk yard may not even contain cars, but may just be a way for you to dispose of your junk auto. Some auto junk yards don't actually deal in used parts; they take junk cars, sell them to other junk yards, and use the profits to benefit local and national charities. So, that auto junk yard in your town may not be the junk yard you think it is at all!



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