Car Junkyard Locator Service

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Your car junkyard doesn't carry parts – where can I find them?

Car Junkyard Locator Service

Many auto dismantlers (that's what they call a car junkyard in many parts of the country!) offer special locator services if you're trying to find a hard-to-find or outdated part. In fact, many junkyards belong to industry locator directories, so they can search each other's inventories to find the part you need, wherever it's located around the country.

For example, say you're searching for a Honda junkyard because you need a very special part for your Honda. Search locators like U Need a Part will scour every car junkyard in their database to come up with the Honda junkyard that has your part in stock. Not all car junkyards carry every part, so use a locator service to find the part you need, no matter where it is on the map!



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