The Car Junkyard Warranty

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Does your local car junkyard offer a warranty?

The Car Junkyard Warranty

Any reputable car junkyard will offer a warranty on anything you buy from them. If your local auto salvage yards don't offer warranties, don't shop there! There are plenty of online car inventories that will ship parts and accessories for free or low cost and that offer warranties. Most reputable auto salvage yards will gladly offer a warranty and that should give you peace of mind when you look for accessories for your car.

If you don't see a warranty posted at your local car junkyard, don't be afraid to ask about their policies. Some junkyards do no allow consumers on the lot, so a warranty helps ensure you get what you're looking for in the best condition possible. Don't deal with a car junkyard that won't offer a warranty, there are too many other reputable auto salvage yards that offer warranties!



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