Different Cities, Different States: Ways To Report Junked Vehicles

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Do different states and cities have different ways of reporting junked vehicles?

Different Cities, Different States: Ways To Report Junked Vehicles

The California Department of Motor Vehicles defines a junked car as, "one which has been dismantled because it was wrecked, abandoned, or a low valued vehicle that was impounded and acquired from an enforcement agency and is no longer operable." To report junked vehicles in your area, do a search for your city or town's website. The website will list all of the different services available to the community. For example, the city of Sacramento, California, offers a Neighborhood Service Department designed to help address common issues, including junked and abandoned cars.

You can report any junked car to your local authorities. Do you have a junked car? Don't hesitate to contact a company like junk-yard.org. They'll pick it up for free and, if you request it, donate the car to charity. Whether you need the car removed to a junk yard in California or a junkyard in Seattle, junk-yard.org will pick it up. It's quick, easy to do, and prevents complaints and hassles down the road.

If you decide to report and request an abandoned and junked car for removal, make sure to contact junk-yard.org. They can answer any questions you might have and ensure that all of the proper procedures are followed.



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