GeoCache Your Way To A Junked Car

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What are some different ways of promoting junk car removal?

GeoCache Your Way To A Junked Car

Have you heard of geogaching? It's a fun way to find hidden treasure in your neighborhood, or worldwide for that matter. The object of this family-oriented game is to locate waypoints using a Global Positioning System (GPS). The waypoints are entered by people who have hidden objects (small, medium or large containers) somewhere in the great outdoors. There are many websites where you can find out more information on how to get started. Basically, the rules are simple.

  • Take something from the cache
  • Leave something in the cache
  • Write about it in the logbook

You can place a cache anywhere you want to. Your logbook can contain much valuable, rewarding, and educational information, including notes about the environmental hazards of junked cars and what to do about it. What better way to encourage reporting of junked vehicles by setting up geocaches nearb In addition to leaving child-friendly toys or gifts in the cache, leave some information for others on how to junk a car, donate a junked car, etc. Make note of companies who offer free junk car pickup.



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