Junk Car Guilt

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How can I stop procrastinating and finally get rid of my junked car?

Junk Car Guilt

You've been ignoring it for the longest time, but it isn't going away. At night, even with the curtains drawn, you could swear you can see the outline of that rotting piece of metal. You keep telling yourself that the old junked car really isn't doing any harm. In fact, maybe it's an old race car with nostalgic appeal, or a car your parents once drove. Whatever the case, you've been rationalizing the fact that the thing is still rotting on your property. You can erect a wall, a fence, or plant tall trees, but you're still going to know that the car is there. What's more, your neighbors probably know it to. Why not do everyone a favor and have the car towed, free of charge?

Before filling out a form or making a call, make sure to have some basic information on the vehicle including the current condition, whether parts are missing, whether the car is still operable and the model number.



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