Junk Car Removal For Seniors

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How can I help a senior citizen junk their car?

Junk Car Removal For Seniors

Do you know a senior citizen living alone who is no longer able to drive? Maybe it's a relative of yours, or someone you're close to in the neighborhood. With age comes an inevitable decline in fine motor skills, eyesight, agility, etc. These conditions often result in suspended driving licenses for seniors, leaving them with vehicles they can no longer use. If they have family, they can probably give or sell the car to them. But what if they have nobody? What if the vehicle isn't road-worthy anymore, or simply isn't worth the cost of repairs? Ask the senior if they'd like to have a free car pick up service. A little help from you could go a long way to their emotional well-being. If the person agrees, make a phone call for them to the free junkyard towing service available through junk-yard.org. By doing this, the senior might just avoid unnecessary hazards and complaints. Alternatively, you could also suggest that the senior donate the car to charity. Explain the benefits of this, how it works, and reassure the person that you will be there when the junk yard removal takes place. You'll be doing a good service for your community and the senior will be donating to a great cause.



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