Junk Yard Salvages Reap Rewards for Kids

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Which charities do Junk Yard operators work with?

Junk Yard Salvages Reap Rewards for Kids

It's one thing to say a company gives to charity, but what does that mean exactly? Well, salvage businesses like junk-yard.org donate your junked car to charities like Joy for Our Youth (J.O.Y.), an international organization that helps children who are considered at-risk. J.O.Y. is a unique organization that nurtures children's individual needs whether emotional, physical, spiritual or medical. This particular charity works with children from ages 6 to 18 providing basic necessities such as clothing, shelter and food. They also work hard to provide counselling, education, tutoring, mentoring, and a variety of other much-needed assistance.

Whether you're phoning a junk yard in new york, a junk yard in Pennsylvania or just looking for junk yards in particular, rest assured that your contribution is going to a worthwhile cause.

Don't worry about donating cars with dents, scratches, rust, bad tires, etc. Junk yard removal companies will take any vehicle you have to give, even if it doesn't work! In order to increase the value of the car (increasing the value of the donation to the charity and maximizing your legal tax deductions), junk yard companies will sometimes make general improvements to the vehicle which benefits everyone.



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