Junking the Heap

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What can I do to remove an old junked car in my neighborhood?

Junking the Heap

Winter has shed its white blanket only to reveal some of the ugliest, broken down cars you've ever seen. Whether they're in your yard, or someone else's yard, you know they shouldn't be there. But what do you do? Each state has its own abandonment laws; therefore, you should check with your local authorities to find out what can be done. If you're not sure who specifically to contact, do a search for local car removal services in your area. A quick Internet search will reveal local junk car removal agencies (some of them are free). Tell them your situation. They can help you locate laws and legislation for your area to guide you in dealing with the situation. Sometimes the local police department can help if enforcement is required. In most cases, enforcement will be carried out if the junked car is deemed environmentally hazardous, detracts from the livability and attractiveness of the neighborhood, hinders the promotion of tourism in the area and takes away from the comfort, happiness, health and emotional stability of occupants in the vicinity. These guidelines are somewhat subjective and are open to interpretation. For this reason, it's best to obtain a copy of junkyard law for your area. If that isn't clearly written, contact your local police detachment for advice on how to proceed.



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