How To Have A Donate-Your-Car-To-Charity Party

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What are some good idea for donating junked cars?

How To Have A Donate-Your-Car-To-Charity Party

Do you belong to your child's school administration? Parent Teacher Association? Hospital fundraising committee? At your next meeting, why not suggest rallying for junk car donations?

It's a great way to teach children the value of working toward a good cause, helping people in need, etc. Maybe you belong to a church group, or other community organization, looking for ways to help those in need.

To organize the event, have representatives from your committee make posters, visit family members, and talk to their friends about the value of donating cars to charity. Get the local media involved! Everyone loves a good news story. It only takes one or two cars to make a huge difference. Imagine what could happen if you're able to get even more junk car donations!



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