Junking Your Car in Texas

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Does a junked car pose any danger to me?

Junking Your Car in Texas

Stay away from that old junked car! If it's yours, you probably know about any fluid leaks and understand the basic condition of the car. If it's a car you just happened to find on a lonely walk somewhere, you might want to stay away. Handling the vehicle could expose you to hazardous chemicals and fluids from the car. There could be animals nesting in the car, contraband you don't want to get stuck with or other hidden dangers lurking behind those rusty doors. Always report junked cars to businesses like junk-yard.org. They're an excellent source of advice and information for citizens unsure of what to do in a situation like this.

No matter what junkyard in Texas they tow it to, what matters is your safety and the safety of the environment. Why leave a car that is 75 to 80 percent recyclable to rot? Instead of allowing the vehicle to drip toxic chemicals into the Texas water supply and soil, contact a free junk car removal company like junk-yard.org.



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