Beware if You Buy Junk Cars

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How can I buy junk cars with confidence?

Beware if You Buy Junk Cars

Many insurance companies offer "junked" or salvaged autos for sale to the public. These cars have been involved in accidents or disasters, and are usually sold "as is." You should watch out for unscrupulous dealers and companies before you buy junk cars because they could have been involved in a flood and that can ruin any hopes of truly restoring the car.

Usually, a salvage car will cost more to fix than it is worth. If you buy junk cars for specific parts, you may find what you need, but if you buy junk cars to drive or resell, watch out for flood damage, which is often invisible to the naked eye. You can't spot the damage until the electrical system stops working or the transmission gives up. Before you buy junk cars, run them through a vehicle check database to make sure they have not been damaged or flooded.



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