Look for "Rebuildable Cars" When You Buy Junk Cars

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What do the terms "project," "rebuildable," and "restorable" mean when I buy junk cars?

Look for "Rebuildable Cars" When You Buy Junk Cars

Be careful when you buy junk cars, there are some salvage companies who don't tell the truth about their cars! Many unscrupulous dealers will sell dangerous salvaged cars as drivable and safe, but most salvage dealers will tell their customers when a car cannot be driven and is unsafe. They will sell that car for parts rather than as a drivable vehicle.

Some salvage companies have cars that are especially suited to rebuilding or restoring. When you buy junk cars to restore, deal with companies that offer "project," "rebuildable" or "restorable" cars. These cars aren't roadworthy now, but with some tender loving care and some hard work, they can regain some of their former glory.



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