Buy Salvage Cars From Japan

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Can you buy salvage cars from Japan?

Buy Salvage Cars From Japan

There are plenty of reasons for you to buy salvage cars from Japan. The Japanese trade their cars in a lot sooner than most Americans, so their cars have less wear and tear. Also, they have great roads in Japan, so the cars are in better shape when they are traded. The Japanese are also scrupulous about maintenance, so the cars are usually in better shape than comparable American-driven models.

In addition, most Japanese cars are very low mileage (they don't have that far to drive, it's a small country!) so buying salvage cars is good bargain even when you figure in shipping from Japan. Finally, repair costs are extremely high in Japan, so you may be able to find a bargain that only needs some minor repairs that won't cost that much to repair here in the States. So, buying salvage cars from Japan may be a great auto investment for you or your family!



5/18/2009 7:45:23 PM
Bruce said:

What about shipping cost,import tax,inspecting a salvage car in the u.s.?


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