Buyer Beware: You Could Be Buying a Salvage Car

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Do some auto-theft rings buy salvage cars to help them sell stolen cars?

Buyer Beware: You Could Be Buying a Salvage Car

Before you buy a car from a classified ad or online auction, be sure to check the vehicle's history with a car identification provider and be sure to check out the seller, too. One stolen car ring began to buy salvage cars in another state and then the moved them over the state line and got a clear title.

Then, they targeted look-alike cars, scanned their Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) through the windshield and called a locksmith, claiming to be locked out of the car.

They used the titles from the look-alike salvage vehicles to convince the locksmith to let them in the car, then replaced the VIN with the salvaged vehicle's number, placed a classified add in the paper and sold the stolen vehicle. If buyers had checked the VIN number before they bought the car, they would have seen the car came from salvage. So, beware, people who buy salvage cars sometimes have elaborate schemes to sell them as new vehicles. Beware before you buy a car from a private party!



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