From Motorcycle Mama to Motorcycle Philanthropist

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Can I donate my motorcycle to charity?

From Motorcycle Mama to Motorcycle Philanthropist

Remember when adults used to say to you, "In my day..."? If you haven't used it already, you'll be shocked the first time you do. It'll sound strange coming from your mouth, but the words do hold plenty of accumulated wisdom. In your day, you rode a motorcycle to work and back. You joined groups and traveled either short or long distances, enjoying the wind and the road. You made good decisions and not-so-good decisions. Ah, those were the days. So what's happened? Not out as much anymore? Maybe the thrill is long gone. Maybe not. The question now shouldn't be why aren't you riding anymore, the question should be why haven't you done anything with that old junked motorcycle?

Did you know you can donate your motorcycle to charity? By contacting a junk removal service and requesting that your junked motorcycle by donated, you'll be helping any number of charities. Simply search online for a reputable service and fill out their online application. So what are you waiting for Motorcycle Mama? Send that cruiser on its final journey to one of the many motorcycle junkyards out there.



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