Lending A Hand - Motorcycle Pick Up

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How can I help someone who needs to get rid of their junked motorcycle?

Lending A Hand - Motorcycle Pick Up

Do you know someone facing the detriment of a junked motorcycle on a daily basis? Perhaps they've got their own junked motorcycle or someone has left one on their property. People with disabilities, the elderly or someone new to the area may not know how to go about removing the junked motorcycle from their property. Why not lend a hand? A little simple advice and a quick phone call will solve their problem pronto!

Chances are if the person doesn't remove the offending motorcycle, someone is going to force them to with a lot less tact than you could offer. Why not save them the headache and offer to help. Let the person know that they have the option of donating their old motorcycle to charity, and then let them know that companies our out there to assist with that process. It can even be done for free.

Whether the bike is an old proud Harley, Cruiser or Chopper matters not. While it's sad to say goodbye to a trusted friend, sometimes you have to let go. Helping someone make that first contact is all you really need to do. The rest is in their hands.



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