No More Liability, No More Liability Insurance

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Do I still have to carry insurance on my junked motorcycle?

No More Liability, No More Liability Insurance

Why hang on to a hazardous old junked motorcycle when it's costing you unnecessary liability insurance? The longer that junked motorcycle sits in your yard, the bigger the chance of someone getting hurt. Children are especially vulnerable, as are pets. Can you hear the global warming alarm bells in the distance? They're getting closer and louder with each passing day and before long someone is going to complain that your motorcycle is wrecking the environment. In fact, they're probably right.

Leading insurance companies have confirmed that you don't have to carry regular insurance for a vehicle that is inoperable, even if it's parked on your property. However, depending on the laws of the state in which you live, you are probably subject to certain liability should someone get hurt. For that reason, you must carry liability insurance.

Time to dump the junk! Find a company that offers free and quick assistance within 72 hours of contact. If you request it, the service may donate your junked motorcycle to charity, rather than just carting it off to a motorcycle junkyard somewhere. It's easy to do and you don't even have to be available when they come to pick it up.



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