Free Junk Car Pick Up!

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How can I get free junk car pick up for my old car?

Free Junk Car Pick Up!

Good news! You can get free junk car pick up anywhere in the United States, and it only takes 48 hours or less through! You can request a junk car pick up online or by phone and be assured that a tow truck will come to take your junk car away within two days. In addition, that junk car will end up benefiting kids who live on the streets.

Junk car pick up isn't just for cars. You can donate a boat, RV, motorcycle, or just about anything, and it will be picked up and taken away for free. Don't worry if your junk car isn't running, it doesn't matter, just call or email today, and wave goodbye to that junk car that you've been meaning to get rid of.



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