Junk a Car for Cash!

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Should I give away my junk car, or junk a car for cash?

Junk a Car for Cash!

Most junkyards will pay you at least a small amount for your junk car. However, sometimes, the car is so old they aren't interested in it, or you have another item besides a junk car that you'd like to get rid of.

You can junk a car for cash, but you may get a better deal by dealing with a nonprofit organization that will junk your car. They may give you more for the car than a junkyard would and you'll get it in the form of a tax deduction you can use at the end of the year.

So, before you junk a car for cash, consider giving that junk car to a charitable organization that can use the income. You'll get a tax deduction and they'll get desirable funds to help Americans in need.



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