Do I Have to be Home to Junk My Car?

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Can I junk my car even if I'm not at home?

Do I Have to be Home to Junk My Car?

Do you work long hours, but still would like to say "junk my cars?" No worries! You can junk a car quickly and easily, even if you're not at home. Here's how to junk a car without even being there! First, contact a nonprofit organization specializing in junk cars. They'll arrange for a local tow service to pick up your car.

If they can't come when you're home, you can still junk your car. Just leave the car unlocked, and place the keys and the title under the dashboard. Make sure you've taken anything personal out of the car before you leave, and it's as simple as that? Now, isn't that a quick, simple, and effective way to say, "junk my car?"



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