Fix Your Junk Cars

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How can I find the value of my junk cars to see if they are worth fixing up?

Fix Your Junk Cars

What if you could fix up your junk cars with junkyard car parts? Would it be worth it to invest in your car? You can search the Kelley Blue Book Web site to find what your 1987 or newer car is worth, and then decide whether it's feasible to invest in it or junk it.

Not all junk cars are ready for the scrap heap. Some may only be good for junkyard car parts, but others may only need minor repairs to get them roadworthy and drivable. If your car is collectible or rare, it may pay you to invest in junkyard car parts to fix it up, instead of sending it to junk cars heaven. Just because your car needs some work, don't assume it's just one of another set of junk cars. Investigate its worth and potential, and your junk cars may transform into reliable cars for many years to come.



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