The Green Junk Yard

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What is a green junk yard?

The Green Junk Yard

You think it's not easy being green and environmentally conscious? Try being a junk yard! However, the junk yard of the future can balance environmental concerns, recycling, and auto dismantling at the same time. Green junk yards already exist in many parts of Europe and Canada, and they may be coming to a town near you very soon.

Basically, a green junk yard attempts to make use of as much of the junked car as possible, while making sure as little of the environment is affected as possible. These new green junk yards use a process similar to an assembly line to dismantle cars and salvage every usable piece. These indoor demolition lines ensure that no fluids or oils leak or seep into the environment, and make the entire operation cleaner and more efficient. A green junk yard is a thing of beauty for the environment and junk yard neighbors, too!



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