New, Used, or Reconditioned Parts?

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What's the difference between new, used, and reconditioned junk yard parts?

New, Used, or Reconditioned Parts?

When you shop for auto parts, you may look at your local junk yard for salvage yard parts, or you may shop at an auto parts store. You'll probably encounter new, used, and reconditioned parts when you shop. Most parts from a junk yard will be used or perhaps reconditions, while most parts from an auto parts store will be new. What's the difference?

Used salvage yard parts from the junk yard may not come with a warranty or safety inspection, while new parts should have a warranty and/or guarantee. Reconditioned parts may or may not have a guarantee and they come from used or damaged parts that are repaired to be as "good as new." What type parts you choose depends on your budget, but be sure to buy the safest parts available that come with a guarantee or warranty to protect you and your car.



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