Auto Junk Yard Safety

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What safety issues should I watch out for when I pull my own junkyard auto parts?

Auto Junk Yard Safety

Many junk yards let customers pull their own junkyard auto parts. This helps keep costs down and assures the customer they are getting the part they really need. Many junkyards also organize their yards by car make and model, so if you're searching for a Chevy part, they can point you right in the direction of the Chevy junk yard area. Before you begin there are some things to remember as you head out to pull your own junkyard auto parts.

Always wear closed toe shoes for safety.

Usually junkyards won't allow anyone under the age of 18 on the lot.

Bring your own tools to pull parts.

Cars should be on stands or stable before you pull parts.

Ask for help if you can't remove a part by yourself, most junkyards offer help with tricky or dangerous removals.

Never climb on vehicles, especially if they are stacked or unstable.

Pulling your own junkyard auto parts is easy if you follow these simple safety rules! Find a junk yard that will let you pull your own parts and save big.



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