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Can I submit a junk car pickup anywhere in the world?

Long Distance Junk Car Removal Requests

Are you frequently on the move? A lot of people travel frequently for business and pleasure, leaving the prospect of dealing with a junk car problem low on the list of priorities. Did you know you can still request a junk car pickup? No matter where you are, you can still connect with someone at a junk removal service.

Stuck in a hotel? Most hotels nowadays offer an Internet connection so just use your laptop to log on to a junk car removal site. It's easy to fill out online request forms. Just answer the questions and and hit "send."

Many of these companies offer free, no hassle junk car pickup from any location in the United States. Free! Furthermore, just say the word and many will donate your car to a charity. Simply search online for a junk car pickup service and find out how you can go about requesting a junk car removal.

How can I get my community involved in car donation?

The Junk Car Challenge

Do you live in a like-minded community where charity and community involvement play a big role? If so, you might consider keeping a public Junk Car Charity Donation board and challenge the locals to a healthy bet on who can report the most junked cars for charity donation. Realistically, it's not necessarily the amount of donations you get, but the exposure that comes with such an event. By promoting junk car donations, you'll be doing your part to increase awareness about charities that need help.

Can I turn my old junked car into a work of art?

Junked Car Art: Beauty is in The Eye Of The Beholder

So you've finally made the decision to have your junk car removed from your premises. If you've scheduled a pick up, make sure to grab your camera and take a picture of that old "beauty" sitting out there. Artists, art hobbyists and creative writing teachers can make good use of the imagary inherent in junked cars. Look hard and you can see the beauty in anything. That's especially true from an artist's perspective. Not into drawing or creative writing? If you've taken particularly crisp and evocative images, why not donate them to an art class at the local community college or pass them along to someone who can use them.

Should I report my neighbor's junked car?

Reporting A Junked Vehicle

Did you finally have enough and decide to report your neighbor's junked car? It's been there for how many years? It's almost certain that by this time, that car has been polluting the environment and atmosphere for quite some time. Congratulations on taking the step to request a junk car pickup. In fact, more people should be doing just that. The question is, what happens a day or so later when the neighbor in question shows up at your house in a rage? For whatever reason, they didn't want that car removed from their property. Maybe they'll say they were planning on doing it, but just hadn't gotten around to it. In that case, shake their hand and say, "You're welcome!" for doing them a favor.

While junk car laws vary from state to state, most laws will grant a 30-day grace period for the owner of the junk car to remove it from their property voluntarily. After that time, the government will request a junk car pickup. The bill will be in the mail shortly thereafter. Why not avert all of that headache and just make the call. Free services like will be more than happy to help you out. In the meantime, don't worry about what the neighbors think or whether you're doing the right thing. If you're ridding the environment of hazardous polutants, then you're doing the right thing.

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