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Will my boat end up as boat used parts if I don't pay attention to the fiberglass finish?

Fiberglass Refinishing and Repair

Sometimes it's not boat used parts that will get your boat up and running again. If you own a fiberglass boat, you know that sooner or later the fiberglass is going to need refinishing or repair. Some salvage companies offer these kinds of repairs, including gel coat repair.

If the boat just has a few small dents or dings, it may not need a complete refinish, but if you can see the fiberglass mat underneath the top coat, then the boat needs a repair, and quickly. Otherwise, water can seep underneath the coating and the layers of coating can actually come apart. Don't let your boat end up as simply boat used parts, take care of the finish and your fiberglass boat will last for decades.

Do marine salvage companies offer boat storage, too?

Boats Need Parts!

A lot of people say owning a boat is like throwing money into a big, black hole in the ground – they always seem to need a part here and there. One way to keep your boat in top running order is to purchase boat used parts from a boat or marine salvage company.

Boat used parts are cheaper from a marine salvage company and if you happen to own an older boat, they may be the only place to find some of the replacement boat used parts you need. Some salvage companies also do boat repairs, so you can find the parts and have your boat fixed in one central location. Some marine salvage companies also offer boat storage if you need to take your boat out of the water during the winter months.

Do boat salvage yards hold auctions of boats and equipment?

Boat Salvage Yards and Boat Sales

Many boat salvage yards salvage boats for the insurance industry and then put up the boats or parts and equipment up for sale. Often, the boat salvage yards offer a bidding list online or in print of the available boats and equipment and then auction off the items. You can often find great bargains on salvaged boats and equipment and some boat salvage yards even deal in new equipment, as well.

In addition, many boat salvage yards can help you with your own boat sales or damage. Some team with insurance companies to assess damage to your boat and help you make an insurance claim while disposing of the damaged boat. If you have a damaged boat, or are looking for a new boat, check to see what services your local boat salvage yards offer before you spend too much!

What other services do some boat wrecking yards offer?

All Boat Wrecking Yards are Not Created Equal

Many boat wrecking yards are simply yards where old boats go when they're done cruising the waterways of life. However, some boat wrecking yards offer much more than storage space for rusty buckets. Some boat wrecking yards also offer towing and boat recovery, boat repairs and boat transport.

Even if you don't live on a major coastal seaport, there are probably some boat wrecking yards nearby, because just about every area of the country has lakes and rivers that boat owners can enjoy. So, when you need extra services for your boat, look for local boat wrecking yards to help you with all your boat's maintenance and transport.

What services do many boat salvage yards offer?

A Sinking Boat

Did you know that in many states if your boat sinks, you are responsible not only for removing the wreck, but for any oil spills or other environmental damage the boat may cause? In this case, it pays to know your local boat salvage yards because at least one of them may offer spill recovery and/or towing to help you in an emergency.

Many boat salvage yards also offer other services like insurance appraisals, along with the normal used boat parts and such. Hopefully, you'll never need emergency services from your local boat salvage yards, but it's good to know they're there when you need them the most!

Are there really boat junkyards in the U.S.?

Yes Virginia, There are Boat Junkyards!

Are you looking for an elusive part for your beloved boat? There are boat junkyards around the country that deal in old boat parts, or "marine salvage." Many of these boat junkyards deal in parts and accessories and will take an old boat off your hands, as well.

Some boat junkyards also have towing and refloating services if your boat is still seaworthy but needs some tender loving care. These refloating services also offer fluid and oil cleanup, so they help the environment as well. Check with your local boat junkyard to see what extra services they offer, you may be surprised at their versatility and vast array of services available.

What's the difference between boat wrecking yards and marine salvage companies?

Boat Wrecking or Marine Salvage

Most boat wrecking yards are called salvage or marine salvage yards in the industry. However, salvage is much more than simply storing wrecked boats. Marine salvage includes towing and rescuing boats in peril, along with their crews, if necessary. It also entails underwater diving and assessment of damage and a whole world of marine services that are essential to safety and security when you're boating.

Boat wrecking yards provide used boat parts and even salvaged boats for sale, but marine salvage companies are much more complex organizations. If you need water rescue, or your boat is damaged and immovable, your best bet is to call a reputable marine salvage company right away.

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