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Does your local car junkyard offer a warranty?

The Car Junkyard Warranty

Any reputable car junkyard will offer a warranty on anything you buy from them. If your local auto salvage yards don't offer warranties, don't shop there! There are plenty of online car inventories that will ship parts and accessories for free or low cost and that offer warranties. Most reputable auto salvage yards will gladly offer a warranty and that should give you peace of mind when you look for accessories for your car.

If you don't see a warranty posted at your local car junkyard, don't be afraid to ask about their policies. Some junkyards do no allow consumers on the lot, so a warranty helps ensure you get what you're looking for in the best condition possible. Don't deal with a car junkyard that won't offer a warranty, there are too many other reputable auto salvage yards that offer warranties!

How can an auto junkyard be a friend of the environment?

How the Auto Junkyard Helps the Environment

Some people think of an auto junkyard as an eyesore – something to be out of sight and out of mind, but today's auto junkyard is actually a friend of the environment and recycling. Most junk cars that end up in an auto junkyard are either sold at auction or sold for scrap.

In fact, auto junkyards provide steel and many other metals to the building and auto industries, ensuring that the materials from a junked car go on to serve another, vital purpose and helping save essential natural resources, as well.

In addition, the modern auto junkyard is regulated by federal and state laws that contain strict guidelines on the draining and disposal of all fluids from junk cars, so the auto junkyard is no longer a threat to the environment or ground water in the area. When you send your car to an auto junkyard, you're actually giving Mother Nature a break!

Your car junkyard doesn't carry parts – where can I find them?

Car Junkyard Locator Service

Many auto dismantlers (that's what they call a car junkyard in many parts of the country!) offer special locator services if you're trying to find a hard-to-find or outdated part. In fact, many junkyards belong to industry locator directories, so they can search each other's inventories to find the part you need, wherever it's located around the country.

For example, say you're searching for a Honda junkyard because you need a very special part for your Honda. Search locators like U Need a Part will scour every car junkyard in their database to come up with the Honda junkyard that has your part in stock. Not all car junkyards carry every part, so use a locator service to find the part you need, no matter where it is on the map!

Are there specialty car junk yards, like BMW salvage yards?

The Advantage of a Specialty Car Junk Yard

If you drive a specialty car like a BMW, you may need accessories and items that are hard to find and you may turn to a car junk yard to find those items. However, you should look for BMW salvage yards that specialize in your car's parts and accessories if you want the biggest choice at the lowest price.

A regular car junk yard may have one or two of your car's make and model, while BMW salvage yards could have thousands of vehicles just waiting for you. It makes sense to shop at a specialty car junk yard that focuses on your particular make and model of car; it will save you time and money. Be sure you deal with a reputable car junk yard that offers a warranty on anything you buy, too!

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