The Specialty Aircraft Salvage Yard

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Can I find an airplane salvage yard that specializes in my aircraft model?

The Specialty Aircraft Salvage Yard

If you own a popular aircraft, such as a Piper Cherokee or a Cessna 100, you may be able to find an aircraft salvage yard that specializes in just your type of aircraft parts and equipment. Some of the largest of America's aircraft salvage yards specialize in certain types of single-engine aircraft and so you can find more quality used parts at good prices.

In fact, if you shop through an aircraft equipment house, there's a good chance they are ordering the part you need from an aircraft salvage yard. So, skip the middle-man and shop directly with an aircraft salvage yard. Many of these yards post their inventories online, so you can shop for what you need quickly and easily. Before you spend retail, check an aircraft salvage yard near you.



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