Junk Gone, Memory Saved Forever

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How can I part with a car that's been in my family for years?

Junk Gone, Memory Saved Forever

Have you been holding onto that junked car for nostalgic reasons? Cars have historically held a romantic spot in our hearts. First dates, prom night, first car; a lot of "firsts" happen in automobiles! It's no wonder you can't bare to see that junk finally towed. In your mind, it's still cherry red with leather seats. It still has chrome rims and a top that pulls down on hot, sunny days. Realistically, the entire front seat is inhabited with moths and weeds which have grown up from the rusted hole in the side of the car. Before contacting a company to remove the car, take several pictures of your old beauty. You can have the picture enlarged and framed as is, or touch up the photo using Photoshop so that the junked car doesn't look quite as "junked" anymore. The ideas are endless. You could do a tribute to the history of that particular car by locating a photograph of it in its prime. Frame it and hang it next to the photo of the junked car for a "before and after" effect. Time may have taken away the visual appeal, but not the memories.



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