Junk Yard Parts – Are they Worth The Money?

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How do I know I’m buying used car parts from a reputable dealer?

Junk Yard Parts – Are they Worth The Money?

There's no question that purchasing used car parts from junk yards is a cheaper option than purchasing them new. But how can you be sure that the parts you're buying are going to work properly? While junkyards are required to follow city code ordinances in terms of location and appearance, there aren't any specific associations (unless the junkyard voluntarily subscribes to an automotive association) to monitor what they're doing. That leaves it up to you, the consumer. If you're not sure about the company, read the "About Us" section on their website. You should be able to easily locate their customer service department to find out what their warranty and return policies are. Beware of companies selling products with no grace period for returns. While most companies selling used car parts are selling the items “as is,” a good company will understand that from time to time, parts arrive broken or do not work properly. A good company should be willing to work with you to provide the best overall satisfaction. Word of mouth is a good indicator as to whether a car part dealer is reputable, as well. Overall, the things you want to look for in a reputable junkyard operator are a seal of approval from the Better Business Bureau, word of mouth recommendation and knowledge of the industry's policies and operating procedures. Do an Internet search for used car parts in your area. There's a good chance you'll find a searchable database that presents you with the best possible price for the part you're looking for.



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