Totaled Car - Total Junk

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Should I junk my totaled car?

Totaled Car - Total Junk

So, you've totaled your car. You're fine, but the car definitely isn't. Now you have to make the decision. Are you going to pay for repairs or junk it? By the time you pay your insurance's deductible and (if necessary) your part of the repair costs, it might not be worth it. Unless you can have your car repaired to its reliable old self, you're probably going to find yourself shelling out more and more in repair costs as the years wear on. The choice is yours and it's a complicated issue. Do you still owe a lot of money on the car? If it's relatively new and able to be repaired, you're probably going to want to look into having it fixed. No more car payments? Older model? Then yes, maybe it's time to contact a junk removal company like With this free service in Michigan, you'll get rid of your old vehicle and stop paying insurance on a car that no longer works. By researching your insurance options, repair costs,and salvage value of the vehicle, it will be easier to make the decision as to whether to junk the car or not. It doesn't matter where you want to junk your car, either. will take it to a junkyard in Michigan and you won't have to worry.



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